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What do I do? Well ... Not much. Five things come to mind:

  1. Optimising PNG images (using PNGOUT, DeflOpt and GIMP)
  2. Cleaning up SVG images {using emacs and gedit)
  3. Putting file info into summary boxes
  4. Uploading screenshots of Free and Open Source Software
  5. Requesting SVG versions of images

I'm a "intermediate" user of the GIMP. That is to say, I know how it works, I know how its tools work, lets just say I'm not imaginative enough to translate that knowledge into tangible original work ;)

I use the bourne again shell.

That junk, what is it?[edit]

Different settings for PNGOUT. With this information, future improvers can use the information and build upon it (the compression, that is), or repeat it on altered files.
(x;y;z), where:

  • x is the pre-compression filter. There are five types (or, 4 types and 0, which means no filter).
  • y, if it's defined, is the block split threshold. It's just where one block ends and the next begins - thus defining how many blocks the file has. If I don't include that in my summary then either I haven't tried setting it or setting it didn't improve the results. Either way, the default is 256.
  • z, if it's in my summary, means randomised Huffman tables.


The commons is not a place to show off the size of your screen. Unless there is vital information that needs above 800*600 resolution, please refrain from uploading screenshots above that size.