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11 min read

Trading Psychology – 11 Traits that Separate Winners from Losers

For many, trading can be one of the greatest personal endeavors a person can take in their life.  This is mainly because of how difficult it can...

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9 min read

Struggling with Overtrading: 4 tips to kick the bad habit

Are you struggling with overtrading? Overtrading is a common problem for the zealous trader doing her best to make it in the markets. It can even...

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4 min read

8 Effective Ways to Maintain Your Trading Focus

No matter the profession, staying focused is the key to performing at the highest level. Trading is more like a high-performance sport and less like...

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11 min read

How to Let Your Winners Run – 7 Tips for Success

Letting your winners run is a topic which polarizes traders.  There are those that swing for consistency and trade with strict profit targets.  These...

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5 min read

How to Set Day Trading Profit Targets

We have all enjoyed it, and later suffered from it. Yes, the experience of placing the first order in the market has been often like the first kiss....

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