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22 min read

Day Trading Anxiety: 6 Causes Worth Discussing

Anxiety and depression are common. And they are real. Far too many suffer from this mental and physical condition, unfortunately. And the...

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9 min read

Struggling with Overtrading: 4 tips to kick the bad habit

Are you struggling with overtrading? Overtrading is a common problem for the zealous trader doing her best to make it in the markets. It can even...

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7 min read

40 Great Brett Steenbarger Quotes For Trading Success

Dr. Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D.

In this post we’ve compiled 40 of our favorite Dr. Brett Steenbarger quotes organized into a handful of themes....

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4 min read

Day Trading Journal

A day trading journal is the only part of your trading arsenal required to succeed at active trading.  Your journal contains each trading transaction...

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3 min read

Finding Psychological Support and Resistance Levels when Day Trading

It is a common thought that you can only identify support and resistance levels using price.

Well, this is partially true. When you think of support...

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6 min read

Should I Sell a Portion or All of My Position?

If you have been trading longer than a few months, you have probably asked yourself this question. I myself have labored over this topic for hours...

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