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5 min read

Meme Stocks Explained for Beginners

What Are Meme Stocks?

Where were you in January of 2021 when the meme stock phenomenon first started with AMC and GameStop stocks? While these are...

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9 min read

The GME GameStop Short Squeeze Explained

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you’ll know that GME is the ticker symbol for the wildly popular meme stock, GameStop...

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9 min read

The AMC Short Squeeze Explanation

What is the AMC squeeze? 

The AMC squeeze was a black swan event on the US stock market that initially took place in January of 2021, and culminated...

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7 min read

Can the stock market still crash?

This question seems to be on a lot of investors' minds lately. Inflation is no longer transitory according to the Federal Reserve, growth stocks are...

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