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5 Ways to Identify Blow-Off Tops

In this article, I will cover 5 ways to identify that a stock has had a blow-off top.

Because blow-off tops are so violent, it’s best to allow the 5...

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Day Trading a Two-Day Range Breakout

A breakout of a range presents an opportunity to get long or short.  But how do you know when the range has enough “juice” to generate a trending...

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Day Trading the Three Bar Reversal Pattern

The 3 bar chart pattern is one of the more common trading setups.  The reason it’s so common makes it an easy target for newbie traders when they do...

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How to Trade Symmetrical Triangles- Winning Strategies

To practice the symmetrical triangle example detailed in this article visit

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How to Trade Double Tops – Winning Strategies

Today we are going to talk about a very common chart formation. It is a reversal chart pattern, which appears at the end of trends. If you notice an...

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Bear Trap – Best Strategies to Profit from Short Squeezes

Have you ever felt the devastating market force of a bear trap? The all but certain bullish trend stops abruptly and a trend reversal begins. Then...

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