Al Hill

Alton Hill is a Cofounder at TradingSim. He has a passion to help people and found that one of his ways of doing so, is through the world of Day Trading. Alton’s skillset is in Product Development and Design Thinking which he uses to write and improve the overall experience for TradingSim.


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5 Trading Strategies Using the Relative Vigor Index

In this article, we will cover the relative vigor index. The index is not one of the more popular indicators, but that does not mean it lacks...

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8 min read

Early Morning Range Breakouts – 4 Trading Strategies

The early morning range breakouts are the bread and butter for many a trader. If you look at trading gurus like Ross Caremoun, Tim Sykes and Steven...

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6 min read

Andrews Pitchfork Indicator – 4 Top Trading Strategies

The Andrews pitchfork indicator, commonly referred to as ‘median lines,’ is one of the most versatile trading tools available.

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